Dutch Barns

The higher ceiling height in our Dutch Barns provides you the most overhead storage you can find. It's ideal if you are looking to store boxes, old records, and other items you won't need regular access to. The detail on the Dutch Barn's doors and windows are reminiscent of the popular Craftsman style. And for a few dollars more, you can outfit your Dutch Barn with shelving units on either side to take advantage of vertical space, as well. Dutch Barns come standard with 1 set of double doors and 2 windows with shutters. They are available in sizes ranging from 8 x 10 to 14 x 48.

12'x16' Dutch Barn Shed

Buckskin Siding, White Trim, Weatherwood Shingles, Red...

10 x 14 Dutch Barn

Style: Classic Dutch Barn
Material: Painted Wood...

10 x 16 Dutch Barn shed

Style: Dutch Barn
Material: Vinyl Siding

green 12 x 24 Dutch Barn shed

Style: Dutch Barn
Material: Painted Wood

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