A-Frame Chicken Coop

Safely and easily house your chickens in one of our A-Frame chicken coops. Handcrafted and built to last, the A-Frame coop is available with a variety of different options to fit your needs, such as an easy-to-clean epoxy floor, gable vents, or heated roosts. The coop can even be built with wheels for easy transportation.

Just like all of our coops, the A-Frame chicken coop is fully customizable and available in a wide range of paint, stain, and shingle colors. This coop is stylish, yet functional, giving you a safe spot to house your chickens without sacrificing the appearance of your backyard. 

Whether you have a single hen or a whole flock, our chicken coops will help you to discover (or rediscover) the pleasures of backyard chicken care. 

To learn more about the A-Frame chicken coop, feel free to contact us.